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Make Your Next Event Unforgettable

By Linda Hansen

Almost any event can be enhanced by promotional products. Promotional products don’t have to be limited just to business cards and free pens. The right kinds of promotional product can enhance events of all kinds.

Take the average American wedding, for example. Nationally, couples spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase napkins, matches, candles, and other wedding favors — all with their names and wedding date on them. Everyone who attends a wedding gets a memento of the event.

Why not take the same approach to the company picnic? Or the local chamber of commerce’s annual get-together? Or your big anniversary celebration?

When you have an event coming up, big or small, take a moment to think about ways you can get your message out to people. Of course, the main considerations here are who is the audience you’re going to reach and what kind of message do you want to send out?

For the employee picnic, for example, you might want to project an image of unity and teamwork. Maybe you’ve had a blockbuster year, and you want to reward your employees in some way. A backpack or briefcase would send the message that it’s “in the bag.” In fact, you could imprint the bag with a congratulatory message along with your logo. Or use aromatherapy candles to fire employees up to begin the next big project. Since it’s a picnic, you may even want to consider an executive barbecue set as a way to say “Thanks!”

Say you’re going to have a booth at the annual chamber of commerce mixer. This is an ideal place to hand out some promotional products to all the other members and their guests. The giveaways must be unique, however, to make your booth stand out to the people who already think they know all about what you do. A raffle for a prize like the “6 Games in a Box” would be a fun way to bring people by your booth. Games are always popular and the attention you receive with your imprinted game would be worth the cost. Everyone who stops by could receive a free promotional item, such as a customized business card dispenser with gourmet candy fills. In fact, giving out anything that involves candy or other treats is a sure way to make yours the most popular booth at the mixer!

A major anniversary (say, 5, 10 or 25 years) can be a vehicle to an entire year’s worth of promotion. You could give your employees some fun, team-oriented items like customized pennants or pep rags. Coffee mugs or steins imprinted with your anniversary logo would be a hit among clientele. If you have a retail business, purchasing some imprinted paper or plastic bags is an easy way to remind customers of your staying power. You also might want to do a raffle, with proceeds benefiting a local charity. Use customized raffle items to celebrate and share your logo.

A word of caution: it is possible to go overboard. Plastering your logo on every single napkin, cup, gift and poster may drive people nuts — and convey a negative impression of your business. Use your logo wisely, though, and reap rewards!

 Linda Hansen has over six years of journalism experience and currently markets promotional products at Absorbent, Ink.,  the promotional products people.

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