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Blank and Associates Recommends 5 Tips on Building Your Business During 2006

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dec. 29, 2005–Hank Blank, professional speaker and expert on the business of effective networking, offers these five tips on building your business as you move into 2006.
Reeducate your prospects and circle of influencers on what you do. You may have shifted the focus of your core offerings recently or expanded your services dramatically. Many in your sphere of influence may not really know what you currently do. Send out a 2006 New Year’s message to your database reeducating them.
ReBrand Yourself. Freshen up your Identity and Promotional Materials. Have trusted associates review and critique them. Do they look distinct? Would they be the envy of your competitors? Do they correctly portray what you do? Are they young, contemporary and fresh?
Productize Yourself. You are the Brand or the Product. Line extend yourself. Write articles. Write an e-book. Start a blog or begin podcasting. Many of these technologies are relatively inexpensive and there is a great need for content for these emerging mediums. These are low-cost promotional tools that will help you become more prominent with Internet search engines.
Develop your networking plan. Most networking activities are haphazard at best. Develop your networking plan for 2006 with specific objectives of who you want to meet and what industries you want to penetrate, and make those commitments. Drill down into the organizations that give you the most return by joining their Boards.
Share your skills. Become involved with a non-profit or volunteer organization and share your talents. Involvement with many of these organizations will help you sharpen your skills and introduce you to an entire new world of networking contacts that can help make your life and business grow.
About Blank and Associates
Hank Blank is the president of Blank and Associates, a virtual advertising agency based in Laguna Niguel.
Blank is well-recognized as an expert on networking. The focus of Blank’s networking approach is how to get more by asking for less and doing more for others.
Blank has presented on networking to a number of companies and organizations in Southern California. These include Sole Technology, University of California Irvine, Dana Capital, Tracy Locke Advertising, Public Relations Society of America, Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Association and Laguna College of Art.

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