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Seth Godin's Web Design E-Book

Knock Knock

KNOCK KNOCK, Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Building a Web Site That Works.

Seth Godin explains in simple-to-understand terms what to do when planning and building a site. It’s concise and to the point, and will probably be a real eye-opener to most.

There are two kinds of people: Those that have a website, and those that are going to have a website. This e-book is for both of you.

Look around. Most commercial websites are crap. Stuff scattered everywhere, broken links, etc. Users want information, they want that download, they want that article. With the limited amount of time available, you’ve got to deliver to your audience. Give them what they want while they’re at your site, and make it easy to find.

Bad Example: My mechanic has a Dell Laptop. He takes it back and forth to work, does books and stuff at home. He’s only got dial-up at the shop. The machine became infected with some type of virus or driver issue, and he needed to download a patch or update or something from their site.

Sounds easy enough: go to the site, click on support… but now he needs to know what his “segment” is – huh?

Choose Consumer or Small Business. Hello? He is a consumer: he bought the laptop straight from Dell online. He has a small business: Auto Repair. Why make this so difficult?

Good Example: Another friend just picked up a used HP desktop flatbed scanner, a couple of years old. I told him to go the the HP site for the current drivers. Have you ever tried to download something from HP? It’s easy. There’s a support link right on the home page, and the support page asks you for the model number of the device to find your stuff. Easy.

Sites that are easy to use will be successful. Sites that are a pain in the ass suck. This e-book is well worth the nine bucks. Go get it.

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