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Using Direct-Mail Postcards to Promote Your Business

Direct mail postcard advertising works for most businesses. If you’ve got something to sell, direct mail with postcards is a good way to sell it.

A service-business client has 8 retail stores, and a list of 15,000 current customers. We’ve been sending jumbo postcards – 6″ x 11″ – to his customers every 6 weeks since 2001. The mailing features an offer that expires about a month from the drop date. Two weeks after that expires, the target receives another offer.

This results in a steady stream of new clients. Simple postcard advertising does the trick.

Some Tips for Your Direct-Mail Postcards…

  • Write effective copy … spell out a couple of benefits on the card.

  • You might offer a gift or premium with purchase.
  • Make your postcards stand out. Use full-color on both sides. Full color helps your business sell more effectively or communicate more efficiently. When you your card makes its way to your customer’s hands, you have a split second to catch his/her eye and make an impression.
  • Use follow-up mailings even after a customer buys from you to build a relationship with them.
  • Periodically send your “best” customers special offers or discounts simply for being your “best” customers.
  • Always put a headline on your postcards.
  • Use postcards to introduce a new service or product to existing customers. (You ARE taking the names, addresses and e-mail addresses of ALL your customers … right?)
  • Mail regularly … keep to a schedule.
  • Keep the copy in your postcard advertising short and to the point. Focus on one major offer per postcard mailing.
  • Use first-class stamps. If someone has moved then your postcard will get returned to you. This keeps your mailing list clean.
  • Make sure to put your contact info and website address on the card.

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