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For New “Mom & Pop” Startups…

Don’t throw away your dough on print advertising or coupons just yet!

It seems that whenever a new pizza shop, dry cleaners, or whatever opens up, the local ValPak, SuperCoups or other coupon-envelope vendor will arrive and take about $1000-$2000 from the owner to “jump-start the business.”

Don’t do it! The problem with starting out with coupons is that your new customers will always expect a deal. And all the new customers you get are the ones that use coupons.

Your new venture needs to have an image, first and foremost. That image needs to be consistent across all media, even stuff you’re not ready for. There’s no reason to let the Valpak Coupon designer start your entire identity just because it’s free. You get what you pay for.

You’re a consumer yourself. Look around your area for other businesses similar to yours. Take note of successful businesses, and then see if you can find their advertising. Sure, some have been around for years and years, and they don’t advertise.. but that’s NOT the norm. What do the successful ones do? Don’t you think it might be smart to do the same thing?

Get a real marketing and advertising consultant (like me) to help you come up with an image, and then figure out where the best place is to put that advertising money. Maybe it’s coupons, maybe it’s the newspaper, could be radio, direct mail, billboards, bus stop signs, etc. There are tons of places to put your ad and message. All of those places should look the same.

Think “Golden Arches” – they’re the same everywhere!

Don’t start buying from the first 3 or 4 hacks that stumble in the door. Those guys are commission based. They don’t care about YOU, they care about meeting their quota, about filling up that envelope, about selling air time, or page space in the paper. They don’t care if YOU succeed or fail, they just want your check to clear.

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