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Enginetech, Inc.

Enginetech needed to “re-identify” itself — update it's image to accurately present the company and it's culture to it's customers and suppliers. They'd been known as a “piston” company since their start in 1981, but had increased their product offerings and reach significantly since then. They needed to be able to more effectively communicate their message.

We took over the identity makover project after another designer started it. That designer stopped at the logo. We were'nt so fond of it, but since they'd already gone to press on 10,000 catalogs with that logo on the cover, we had to stay with it and adapt.


We started with their website, then integrated the new look into product packaging, collateral, etc. We gradually introduced the market to the “new” Enginetech, using full-page trade ads and direct mail. In the process, we've had to reshoot their product line with the new packaging, further emphasizing the look and feel of a real brand. We further refined the process with a reworking of corporate communications: return forms, credit applications, even fax cover sheets, making all of these items consistent. We later reworked Enginetech's Trade Show presence with new booth displays and smart promotional items.

These marketing efforts continue to be the main source of new and/or increased business. People like to buy from folks they know and trust.

Since 2001, we've been their marketing department. In that time, they've received several industry accolades, but more importantly, they've increased their active customers by about 25%.

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