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Promotional Mugs: Become a Part of the Legendary Coffee Experience

When you want someone to like you, associate yourself with something that they love. Take coffee for instance. How much of America, or the world for that matter, would still be asleep if it weren’t for this dark, smoky beverage?

Now, coffee is messy without a receptacle. You can’t have coffee without a mug. Everyone knows that. Every morning a huge number of humans across the world seek solace in a mug of this steaming liquid. It makes us feel good, it wakes us up, and we consider ourselves debilitated without it.

We are also happy that it isn’t scalding our laps or streaming down our chins. The good feeling we have about coffee rubs off on the receptacle. No doubt about it.
Those of us who don’t have a special mug, wish we did and envy those brandishing theirs.

Whatever is emblazoned on this promotional mug of the world’s most popular beverage, is going to start enjoying some of the general good feeling emanating from the legendary coffee experience: every day, several times a day.

Here’s how it works: barely awake human gropes for the meaning of life in a promotional mug and starts to think that your company may just be related to all that is good. And if the connection fails first thing in the morning, then there’s always the lifesaving mug later that morning or early that afternoon.

Sooner or later the human makes the all-important emotional connection: coffee perks you up. Then there’s thought association; coffee perks one up, but so does ‘Joe Slows Wicked Wart Remedy’ or whatever you have cleverly custom printed on your promotional mugs.

Promotional mugs are a superior marketing tool to gain attention. Coffee makes you more alert, so by the time the drinker notices your name, he or she is wide awake and taking notes.

Promotional mugs come in every imaginable shape, size and form from the elegant Café Grande numbers to the humble bistro mug and the perennial travel receptacle. You can get them in plastic, ceramic or stainless steel. Some come with or without lids and others are insulated.

Having promotional mugs made is a simple procedure that can be done at the click of a mouse, online. Many companies have websites with catalogs that you can scroll through at your leisure and pricing to help you make your final decision.

When you find the style you want, check what the minimum quantity is to see that it fits your budget. A rule of thumb is that the most cost effective promotional mug offers seem to have a higher minimum quantity while the more costly items are sold in smaller quantities.

Prices for promotional mugs range from $2.35 for a fairly basic bistro mug to $7 and more for designer type insulated or stainless steel promotional mugs.

Cindy Carrera is a freelance author who’s written a number of original articles about promotional gifts and custom promotional products. Her articles offer fresh ideas and creative alternatives for the out-of-the-box marketer.

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